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Do you use marketing automation to respond to all the leads? We help you connect to your customers in a whole new way.
Do you have streamlined sales processes? We help you make your company unique, more successful.
Do you provide a great service to your client? We help you create a superior customer experience.

We are the experts in delivering business value and accelerating your growth.

what we offer

- products

FRANQ is a franchise and corporate-owned outlets management application, designed and developed by QTECX Solutions. The solution is targeted towards any organisation that is following a franchise business model and/or owns number of corporate-run outlets. With this solution, the head office and outlet owners will always have access to the latest outlet information and will be able to plan and track the business development teams and franchise partners activities.

Example businesses: Food service, Real estate, Courier/Shipping, Fitness gyms, Trade service delivery, Education and Training institutes, etc.

- services

CRM (with automation)

QTECX works with number of CRM vendors, including Salesforce, Creatio, Zoho, and Oracle. We are the first Creatio certified partner in technical development category and a pioneer in technical implementations in the Australasia region. QTECX provides its expertise, gained from working in various industries, to tailor the best solution for the customers. We have signigicant experience in Marketing, Sales, and Operations/Service.

Enterprise Application Integrations

Many business applications typically do not communicate with one another, unable to share data resulting in information silos within the organisation. We provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions to avoid such inefficiencies and link applications together, while at the same time avoiding having to make costly changes to the existing applications or data structures. Integration solutions drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Business Process Automation

To stay ahead of competition and be unique, many organisations are taking action to implement their business strategies at a faster pace.
Business process is a set of related business activities undertaken in a sequence to achieve an organizational goal. Following a business process ensures consistent quality and provides value to the customer. Automating a process means freeing up employees from time-intensive low-skill repetitive tasks, optimising internal resource allocation, and ensuring consistent customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is playing an important role in increasing efficiency and productivity. RPA has become an integral part of digital transformation in many successful organisations. RPA allows businesses to automate repetitive manual tasks, allowing the human workforce to focus on customer experience and extend business value.

Data Quality and Management

As organizations store more data, managing the data quality becomes important for decision making. It would be not incorrect to say that the gulf between good and poor quality data could separate the winners from the losers.
Poor data quality is a common problem and sometime costly to fix, depending on the nature and volume of the data. However, spending time and money on data improvement now is a necessary and beneficial investment.  

Consulting and Custom Development

With 15+ years of experience in working with payment and other industry market leaders, we can provide in-depth analysis and solution engineering for specific requirements.

Project Management

Having 40,000+ hours of experience in Project Management, we welcome the opportunities from our clients in managing their projects. At the same time, we enable clients' team to get the Project Management exposure to manage future projects efficiently.


We provide training designed to provide a complete overview of a particular CRM or EAI topic, or courses customised to suit your needs.
Our staff use the “Train the Trainers” approach, which allows the customer to build a pool of competent instructors who can then teach the material to other people in the organisation. They also provide participants supplementary resources and reference materials.

our value proposition

At QTECX, our purpose is to help businesses achieve their goals for business growth. We believe there are many businesses who have a need to stay ahead of technological advancement that is changing the world. We are a passionate team who, first, builds the trust with our clients before taking them on a journey of collaborative transformation (and we have client references to prove it). We help you to enhance the experience for your customers and we believe in this so much that CX is a part of our brand. 

Diverse Expertise
The team members have been associated with number of industries: Higher Education, Retail, Franchise, Insurance, Airlines, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Banks & other Financial Institutions.

Local and Global Experience
Our team has experience of working in 20+ countries, from North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East to Far East, and Australia.

Innovative and Cost-efficient
At QTECX we know the meaning of excellence. We have been carving out mission critical (0% downtime) and customer facing applications, with our passion to deliver excellent customer experience.

Flexibility, Timely Delivery, and Unique Customer Experience
Due to the small nature of our business, we are flexible and can adapt to your needs quickly. We can turnaround projects faster due to less overheads involved. We aim to build a long term trust-based relationship with our clients with our superior service and the value that we add to the business.

what our fantastic clients say

“We have been working with QTECX Solutions for more than a year now. We would definitely be comfortable recommending them to other businesses. The level of support, especially post implementation is second to none. QTECX will always go above and beyond to ensure our questions are answered and follow up with the supplier on our behalf for a favourable result. With their assistance and professional advice we’ve streamlined many time consuming manual processes and are now working more efficiently.”

“The Central Innovation team has been dealing with QTECX team extensively and we have found them to be highly engaged, the quality of the work is excellent, they have in-depth product knowledge, very good contact with the vendor which helps in escalating critical issues and they have been a very reliable partner in this journey.

“RAA were fortunate enough to have selected QTECX to be their implementation partner. This project provided the RAA business with an automated and extremely effective way of managing claim emails for the organisation. QTECX provided the business with multiple options to achieve our requirements, options RAA did not think possible! We were highly impressed by their technical knowledge of the product and the way they continuously went above and beyond to ensure the customer ended up with a quality product. Their technical support during and post the go-live was immediate and efficient and ensured no online impact to the business. The best decision I made for this project was to hire QTECX!

I would highly recommend QTECX as an implementation partner for your organisation.”

who we are

QTECX provides high-class consulting, implementation and integration services that enables you to execute your strategic initiatives for business growth. Our in-house ability to identify, design, and integrate results in personalised solutions and efficient processes. Our customer-focused solutions maximise your return on investment and increase your competitive advantage. 

We at QTECX engage with our clients from the beginning and work towards a defined goal, offering our consulting knowledge and technical expertise throughout the journey. Our team has global management and consulting experience with market leaders in Higher Education, Retail, Franchise, Insurance, Airlines, Telecommunications, and Banks & other Financial Institutions. 

From client requirements to planning stage to implementation or consulting on variety of challenges, we tailor our work to the individual unique requirements and needs of every client. 

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