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Solution for your Franchise Business

FRANQ is a franchise management software solution for franchisors to manage their business, from Franchisee Recruitment to Contracts, Operations, Compliance, Store Opener, Service Management, and Knowledgebase. With this solution, the head office team can track business development and franchise performance from a centralised, one-stop solution.

Solution for your
e-signing need

Grow business faster with less cost. Get the powerful eSignature platform with your CRM today. Request multiple parties to sign electronically, wherever they are, sequentially or in parallel, with the signature locations specified in the document. 

Solution for your
clean address data

Having accurate data makes it easier for your users to find relevant data and have access to accurate information. Quality formatted data helps improve business processes and productivity within the team and the organisation. With our integration, your customer data stays up to date, and you improve customer retention.


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